12 December 2007


Remember the waking up scene from 'Groundhog Day'? This is another way of giving you warm welcome to another bright day. It wakes you up every morning with Explosion Sound and to stop it you have to pull out just one code from three. The safety code is set randomly every morning.
Erinnert Ihr Euch noch an die Wecker Szene aus 'Täglich grüßt das Murmeltier'? Dieser Wecker ist auch eine Möglichkeit auf angenehmste Weise den Tag zu beginnen. Man wird von Explosionsgeräuschen geweckt und nur einer der drei Stecker beendet das Ganze - mit täglichem Zufallsgenerator.

26 November 2007


... mit diesen tollen Key Caps doch gerne!

smokin labbit chair?

Here another collaborative project of Kidrobot and artist Frank Kozik. This time they move into the world of furnishing.
I am not so sure if I like it. It looses the magic of the miniature world.
Eine weitere Zusamenarbeit von Kidrobot und Frank Kozik - diesmal ging es in die Welt der Möbel.
Bin noch eher unschlüssig, ob es mir gefällt. Verliert irgendwie den Zauber der Miniaturwelt.

30 October 2007


wall installation by undoboy - you can buy the sticker sets by undoboy here. (Video loads slowly - please be patient!
Wand Installation von undoboy - kaufen kann man die Sticker hier. (Das Video lädt etwas langsam, bitte habt Geduld)

24 September 2007

:: Sixe ::

Graffitti artist Sixe is having an exhibiton in the Brussels' Gallery Alice. The artist who lives and works in Barcelona started painting in 1989. After a graffiti dominated phase he is now working on his first paintings. They are inspired by old murals - to me it looks kind of aztec. Still they are very fresh and vivid.

15 September 2007

carrot and stick

Kathie Olivas is an internationally emerging artist, independent curator, and obsessive art collector currently based in Tampa, FL and Sandia Park, NM.
One of her current projects is a limited edition vinyl toys with Wheaty Wheat Studios and a book project with the very talented Murphy Design

What I think makes her work so special -and especially the toys- is the morbid air. Most of the contemporary toys are more part of a happy, vivid world.
Her work reminds me of Tim Burton's work.

Also have a look at her blog for recent news.

27 August 2007

// Latex for Fun

What sounds like a book on some peoples odd preferences is a great book about a collection of characters made using balloons or other latex objects by various designers from around the world. I personally like the book because the designers deal with 'character design' from a hole new angle - basically anything has a character, you just have to point it out. Plus it has that DIY thing about it.

You can purchase it via die gestalten verlag.